Bettina Ghasempoor 
*1965, Saarbrücken (D)

Artist, photographer, author, lecturer, gallery owner (Galerie Netzwerk Trier)

Specialised studies
Study of art history, Ecole du Louvre Paris

Last exhibition
Project sponsor for the cultural programme of the state exhibition "Fall of the Roman Empire", solo exhibition in October 2022

Description of the artwork
A changing world. The internet and smartphones are changing and influencing our society, breaking up social structures
- not always for the better. Dependencies are emerging. The human consumer is absorbed, becomes addicted to this light of the digital world. Contours disappear. Loneliness takes place. Alone at the table, preoccupied only with themselves. The human being is reduced. They dissolve into light and dark, it becomes ghostly ... like a cry in the night.

The photographs in this triptych are presented in black wooden frames, making it look like a shaft, the visitor himself becomes an observer. These frames were made by the artist herself and are intended to represent the creative process and the imperfection that characterises human beings - in contrast to the passive, unreal world on the Internet.