Awarded the 'Prix de la Photographie 2022'

Bruno Oliveira 
*1993, Sanfins (P)

Teacher of audiovisual media
Lecturer in photography at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers
Active member of the AAPL (Association des Artistes Plasticiens du Luxembourg)

Specialised studies
Master's degree in Fine Arts/Photography, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels HÉLICE - Escola de Fotografia, Lisbon, Erasmus

Last exhibition
2021: Collective exhibition "Sticky Flames" with the series "in ore gloria", at Casino Display (Luxembourg)

Description of the artwork
Cape Verde deserves its name. On the island of Santo Antão, colour is a place, a space, a landscape, a person, a memory and gives rhythm to the lives and stories of its inhabitants. Coriander perfumes the air and the dishes, vibrates intensely in my eyes with its green colour and in my mouth with its taste, confusing my senses and my ideas. I follow its colour and smell, like the stray dogs that accompany me and lead me from chance encounters to unusual places and scenes.

Photos © Henri Goergen / CDI / CAL, 2022