Awarded the 'Prix d'encourgement 2022'

Liz Lambert
*1993, Luxembourg (L)

Member of the Street Photography Collective Luxembourg

Specialised studies
Philipps-Universität Marburg - Bachelor of Arts: Comparative Cultural and Religious Studies
University of Bremen - Master of Arts: Religious Studies "Transformations of Religion in Media and Society"

Last exhibition
2022: 11th Biennale for Contemporary Art of the Municipality of Strassen

Description of the artwork
In this work, I combine intimate car portraits with spontaneous photos of everyday details that make me pause, touch and inspire. In their symbiosis, they reflect my very personal exploration of my perception of my body and the world, my high sensitivity and religion. The series of pictures complement each other not only through the lines, but also through the stories they tell together. In its entirety, the work leaves room for subjective interpretations ...

Photos © Henri Goergen / CDI / CAL, 2022