L’insoutenable Gaia, 2023

How can we understand nature as it has been transformed by the Anthropocene? The photos show nature turned upside down: shapes become graphics, symmetries for the human eye. The human gaze removes every spark of matter to achieve 21centurycivilisation. What's left if astonishment at natural force is silenced? With Latour, we understand nature's disconnection as an oscillation between guilt and hope, confronted by naked forms without content, cold lines that point to an excessive past that has turned Gaia into a vengeful threat.

Neckel Scholtus (*1982 as Annick Sophie) lives and works in Luxembourg. She is a photographic artist and studied at the Universities of Montpellier III and Paris 8. In 2009, Neckel conceived the project Le Roulot'ographe. She develops her artistic project mainly in connection with the public, in particular through residencies, but also as a freelance art mediator in cultural structures. She has had the status of a professional independent Luxembourgish artist since 2010. Her work has been exhibited in France, Luxembourg, China, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, the Ivory Coast and Italy.